"This world is but a canvas to our imagination"

~Henry David Thoreau

The goal of our program is the furtherance of education and the protection of the environment through art in all its forms, extended for the benefit of all rural and peri-urban youths and marginalized women. By creating an enabling environment, our aim is for these youths and marginalized women to contribute positively to the growth of their communities using the arts as a tool for community and social development.


Co-Founder | Trustee

Sefelepelo Sebata is our Administrative Strategist .Responsible for Monitoring and evaluation, fundraising and our client/community relationships. An artist in her own right, she is our bridge between our programs and our stakeholders. Her big smile will remind you of the African Sun forever. Her passion for empowerment of the girl child drives her to reach out higher. Sfe is married to Shorai Matambanadzo and together they have three Children.

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Co-Founder | Trustee

Shorai Matambanadzo is the Director of Arts for the Trust. He is responsible for all the Arts Programs and is our Environmental Champion. A great field worker with incredible rapport with our communities. Shorai is a prolific artist whose work has graced such platforms as the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) fashion shows –showcasing his incredible jewelry pieces made from found objects. Shorai sculpts, paints and does pyrography; He is a dedicated poet and an amateur photographer. His zeal for art and its power to change lives drives him to create space and opportunity for those most in need of such empowerment especially the youth in marginalized communities. Shorai is married and has three children.

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Media & Communications Manager | Trustee

Ska as she is known in the designing field here in Zimbabwe is our Media Strategist. A creative and social entrepreneur using the art of fashion as a tool for community development. An acclaimed fashion designer running the SkaSebata Coture label, Ska brings in innovative ideas and relevance to the organization understanding the power of the arts to change lives.